Projects / Transportation

Cerami & Associates is providing acoustical and audiovisual services for the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Terminal (CSIT) in Mumbai, which, upon its completion in 2014, will serve more than 40 million people a year.

One unique element of this airport is that the Roadway is integrated into the building structure. We were careful to coordinate with the architectural and structural teams to isolate the transmission of vibration generated from traffic to other building spaces and also consulted on the design of the building envelope to affordably minimize noise transmission from the exterior. Additionally we aligned mechanical systems and architectural finishes to ensure that a successful acoustic and aesthetic interior environment is achieved.

The CSIT has particularly voluminous and acoustically challenging open spaces. Our acoustical and audiovisual teams worked together to provide intelligibility from the paging systems by using a 3D computer modeling of the key airport spaces to simulate PA system sound quality and performance. We specified state-of-the-art speakers that work seamlessly with the architecture and provide desired uniform coverage and high sound quality to overcome the challenging acoustical conditions produced by having many gates positioned close to each other.


Client: Skidmore Owings & Merrill
Project Type: New Construction
Cost: $2,000,000,000
Size: 4,844,000 sf
Location: Mumbai, India

  • Used 3D modeling to simulate and specify state-of-the-art PA systems for maximum intelligibility of announcements
  • Isolated traffic vibration from roadway, which is integrated into the structure
  • Softened noise levels created by the open, voluminous spaces
  • Reduced costs and maintained exceptional service levels with an international client