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Cerami & Associates completed the audiovisual design for several rooms at Bryan Cave, LLP, including a training room, a divisible conference room, divisible training room, and conference rooms of various capacities ranging from 12 to 36 people.

The Training Room accommodates eight participants and one instructor, and includes multimedia presentation and audio conferencing systems. Video and data can be projected onto a wall-mounted SmartBoard. The ceiling speakers are used to provide audio from audio conferencing and wall mounted speakers are used for program sound. We also specified one multimedia projector with a native resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels to be mounted on the ceiling. Gooseneck microphones for audio conferencing and voice lift were placed into the student and instructor’s tables.

The divisible videoconferencing room has moveable tables and flexible seating and is used for presentations, video and audio conferencing. Video and data can be viewed on two 72” whiteboards located in the front of the room. Two 50” plasma display panels provide additional viewing areas when both of the rooms are combined. There are also four computer inputs, one for each table, along with remote control touch panel connections. Zoned ceiling speakers provide audio from audio and video conferencing and program sounds, as well as voice lift. These systems are controlled by a 12” LCD touch panel screen with video display and a control system that uses logic-based software programming language that can be connected at the conference table or lectern position.

Client: Loffredo Brooks Architects
Project Type: Renovation
Size: 125,000 sf
Location: New York, NY