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Cerami & Associates worked with Silberstang Architects on the replacement of the mechanical units at the Brotherhood Synagogue, a restored landmark – a former Quaker meeting-house.

We conducted a site visit to establish the conditions with the existing mechanical equipment in terms of interior background noise levels and environmental noise levels. We recognized three major design issues that needed to be addressed, including: the construction of the MER spaces, the noise transmitted through the ductwork to interior spaces, and the noise transmission to nearby neighboring residences. These design issues were significantly impacted by the limited attic space available for the location and size of the new mechanical systems.

The solutions that we recommended were to reconfigure the distribution of the ductwork, provide acoustic silencers, and upgrade the construction of the MER floor slab and partitions. By implementing these solutions, we were able to successfully address each of the design issues, within the limited space available.

Client: Silberstang Architects
Project Type: Historic Renovation
Location: New York, NY

  • Thorough modernization of the building’s new MEP system without upsetting the exquisite architectural clarity of the restored landmark
  • Solutions entailed the reconfigured distribution of the ductwork, acoustic silencers, and construction upgrade of the MER floor slab and partitions