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Cerami & Associates have been instrumental in controlling noise growth as the campus expanded from 800,000 square feet to the current 1.6 million square feet and the future 1.8 million square feet. We worked on a series of projects in the major expansion of this important research and development center, including biochemistry laboratories with fume hoods, animal holding areas, and a new detached central utility plant. In all cases, the challenge was to develop acoustical designs that would control noise to conform to very low rural noise levels.

Residents living in homes adjacent to the campus complained about the disturbing noise generated from the mechanical units on the campus. After extensive site surveys, Cerami’s team concluded that the noise was generated from a cooling tower on the campus located near the residential homes and determined that although the noise was consistent with the existing noise code regulations in the Lawrenceville area, it did create a significant disturbance to the campus’ neighbors. Cerami made recommendations to install a mesh net inside of the cooling tower that would reduce the water flow noise. This mitigative measure, along with instructions to sustain maintenance on the tower and other pieces of mechanical equipment at the Lawrenceville campus helped to satisfy the neighbors and offer Bristol-Myers Squibb a cost-effective solution to its problem.

Client: CUH2A
Project Type: New Construction
Size: 800,000 sf
Location: Lawrenceville, NJ