Performing Arts / Projects

Cerami recently provided acoustical consulting services for the transformation of the classic Las Vegas Sands Hotel and Casino into the new Venetian Casino Resort. The resort, which is comprised of two hotel towers, retail space, and casinos, also houses numerous ballrooms, restaurants, and theatre spaces.

One of the main highlights of the project was the renovation of the C2K theatre space into a 1760 seat performance space for the Blue Man Group. Located close to the Las Vegas Strip and adjacent to the Canyon Ranch Spa, it was crucial that proper attention was paid to the separation of sound from the Theatre to ensure the tranquility of the Spa areas. The original C2K theatre was located directly beneath some of the Spa’s main treatment rooms and received numerous complaints. The renovation extended the theatre even further underneath the treatment areas. To fix the transmission problems, Cerami recommended that the Theatre be housed in a secondary isolated “box” construction inside the existing structure.

Due to the nature of the Blue Man Group performances the walls within the theatre are covered with specialized lighting systems. In order to incorporate soft finishes to prevent unwanted sound reflection, Cerami recommended the use of carpeting, decorative ceiling panels, and a rubberized floor surface.


Client: HKS
Project Type: Renovation
Size: 1760 seats
Location: Las Vegas, NV