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Cerami & Associates provided acoustical, audiovisual, IT, and security consulting services for the interior fit-out of AECOM/ Tishman Construction’s new offices on four floors at 100 Park Avenue.

For the general office spaces on floors 5 and 6 we made recommendations for the demising partitions, perimeter details, glass office fronts, and finishes throughout to assume the most acoustically comfortable work environment. Our audiovisual design on these floors included the divisible multi-purpose room, typical conference rooms, executive conference room, marketing conference room, and projection wall in the scheduling office.

For AECOM’s executive floor we began by surveying their existing space at 605 Third Avenue to establish benchmark noise levels. Noise level was a major concern for the high-end spaces, so we recommended the use of low-noise induction units to reduce the noise transmission observed from the perimeter heating and cooling loads. Our audiovisual design work for the floor involved the boardroom, telepresence room, CEO office, 10-person conference room.

Since AECOM and Tishman were joining spaces, our IT team coordinated the integration of their separate network systems to act alone or together, both wired and wireless network throughout and connection to their remote data center. Our security services involved a proximity card system at the elevator lobby leading to reception as well as at service access points.


Client: AECOM, Tishman Construction
Project Type: Interior Fit-Out
Size: 130,000 sf
Location: New York, NY

  • Provided recommendations to achieve an acoustically comfortable work environment based on benchmark testing of existing environment and understanding of “what wasn’t working”
  • Fully integrated AV systems throughout the space including executive spaces, telepresence room, and all conference rooms.
  • Wireless network was implemented throughout, with fiber back-bone connection