Mission Critical / Projects

Cerami & Associates provided acoustical consulting services for Adelphia Business Solutions in multiple locations including New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, California, Minnesota and Washington.

Acoustical services entailed reviews of the project goals for each site, the establishment of acoustical criteria, and reviews of equipment location; type and size for generators, drycoolers, fans, transformers, RTU’s etc.

We provided design guidance for noise and vibration control for wall, floor and ceiling assemblies, vibration isolation devices, acoustic lining, silencers, barriers, and equipment selection. We also visited the generator supplier for performance testing and job site visits to test the completed installation for compliance with the established criteria.

Client: Burt Hill
Project Type: New Construction & Renovation
Location: Multiple Locations

  • Established project goals for each site, establishing an acoustical criteria
  • Provided design guidance for noise and vibration
  • Provided quality control and visited each site to test performance and compliance to acoustical criteria