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Freeport is located on the southern coast of Long Island and a series of canals jut into the mainly residential village. The Woodcleft Canal, between Woodcleft Avenue and Guy Lombardo Avenue has become a popular location; with bars and restaurants along the canal on Woodcleft Ave. This length of Woodcleft Avenue is known as “the Nautical Mile.”

Cerami provided analysis of noise transmission from this strip to the residential areas located across the Canal. Our team visited Freeport on several occasions to conduct testing both at the residential property line, as well as from the interior of two homes that were adversely affected. This included a typical Friday night, as well as Labor Day weekend to assess the ambient noise levels during peak activity.

After analysis of the test data, we found that noise generated from the bars was well above levels allowed under Freeport’s Noise Code. At many locations, the music from several bars could be heard simultaneously and creating even louder noise levels, especially along one particular street where there was no separation between the bands and the receiving property lines. We then worked with village officials to review and further define their Noise Code requirements, which included providing benchmarks of other local area noise codes such as New York City, Rockville Center, NY, and Babylon, NY for comparison. We also provided research on training programs for their noise enforcement team. Once our recommendations are finalized, we will attend a community meeting to present our findings.

Client: The Village of Freeport
Project Type: Environmental Noise Mitigation
Location: Freeport, LI