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Cerami & Associates was commissioned to provide acoustical consulting on the University of Maryland’s large bioscience building. The focal point of this project was the large lecture hall, which required many acoustical improvements. We recommended constructing the walls with sound dampening materials to reduce the space’s reverberation. Additionally, specifications were made for the ceiling to be sloped and constructed of a hard service that would reflect sound to the audience below. After carefully studying the mechanical equipment located adjacent to the lecture hall, we recommended acoustical linings and treatments for the ducts, and returns and diffusers in order to mitigate the generated noise.

Cerami’s acoustical work also extended well beyond just the lecture hall at the College Park campus, as we provided design work on the entire building’s walls, ceilings and mechanical rooms. Classrooms and laboratories were also surveyed with regard to their mechanical equipment. Cerami determined that a careful design would be needed in order to create a quiet operating system. This system included air handlers and fans located away from the classrooms with a low air velocity within the rooms as well as proper duct sizing and acoustical treatments. Additionally, mechanical and electrical rooms were treated with acoustical applications, including slab-to-slab construction, ducted returns, and acoustical insulation.



Client: Ballinger Architects
Project Type: New Construction
Cost: $69,000,000
Size: 138,500 sf
Location: College Park, MD

  • Recommended finishes in the lecture hall to reduce reverberation
  • Surveyed and provided design work on walls, ceiling, and mechanical rooms for the entire building