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Cerami & Associates provided acoustical consultancy for a number of different spaces in the U.S. Customs Service building in Newark, New Jersey. These varied spaces included open and closed plan offices, several conference rooms, large training rooms, storage centers, a firing range and a fitness center. In the majority of these rooms, recommendations were made for sound absorptive ceiling tiles and wall panels to be installed. Doors were also installed with automatic drop seals and perimeter gasketing.

The two major challenges at U.S. Customs were the fitness center and the firing range. Each space required specialized acoustical finishes to ensure that noise transmission was kept to a minimum. Cerami’s team of acoustical engineers designed the fitness center with a floating floor to mitigate sound transmission. Recommendations were also made for each workout station to be provided with its own cardio-theater so that noise is kept to a minimum.

Cerami’s team conducted surveys and analysis of noise and vibration at a GSA firing range in order to provide appropriate acoustical recommendations for the Customs’ building’s firing range. Recommendations were made for block wall partition constructions in the walls and the ceiling. Cerami included a floating floor in their recommendations for the firing range’s floor, as well as neoprene isolators. Every surface was also covered with absorptive finishes to maximize noise control.

Client: The Marshall Group
Project Type: Renovation
Size: 160,000 sf
Location: Newark, NJ