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The Trump International Tower, previously a high-rise office building, required an extensive renovation to convert it into a luxury hotel and residential tower. Throughout the project, Cerami worked closely with the client and architect’s design team to ensure that all specifications were achieved.

Cerami worked closely with the design team for the installation of a new curtain wall and structural reinforcing. The curtain wall detail design was influenced by the need for STC-50 sound separation at demising walls and from floor-to-floor. Additional concrete was added to each floor to provide for greater stiffness and ensure vertical sound insulation.

Cerami also provided consultancy on the HVAC system and mechanical equipment in the building. Piping was acoustically lined and vibration isolators were added to large pieces of mechanical equipment.

In addition, comprehensive surveys were conducted inside residential spaces to ensure maximum privacy and optimum sound quality.

Client: CK Architects
Project Type: Renovation
Location: New York, NY