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Cerami & Associates provided acoustical consulting for the Standard Hotel located in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District. The hotel’s unique design features guestrooms directly above, and the lobby directly below the Highline, a park developed on a former elevated freight railroad.

Acoustical privacy between guestrooms is a major concern in luxury hotels. We worked to ensure appropriate sound separation between the rooms by specifying a demising wall construction and by making sure that no noise was being emitted through the electrical outlets.

We also reviewed the curtain wall design, which includes floor-to-ceiling windows, and provided recommendations for isolating vibration and eliminating noise transmission from the street below. We specified particular details for guestroom walls where they meet the curtain wall window mullion to ensure adequate room-to-room privacy.

The Fitness Center and Night Club posed a challenge as they are located on upper floors with guestrooms directly below. We recommended a floating floor construction to absorb the impact noise. As both areas also typically play bass-heavy music, the ceiling and wall mounted speakers for these areas were designed with mounting systems that eliminate structureborne noise.


Client: Ennead Architects
Project Type: New Construction
Cost: $400,000,000
Size: 337 keys 200,000 sf
Location: New York, NY

  • Specified a demising wall construction for appropriate sound separation between guestrooms
  • Provided recommendations for the all-glass curtain wall design and vibration isolation and eliminating noise transmission from the street
  • Specified floating floor design and speaker isolation from the structure to mitigate noise and vibration from the hotel’s night club