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Cerami & Associates provided acoustical review and mitigation services for a number of hotels in the Park Hotels Chain located in New Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, and Calcutta, India. In general there are two types of acoustical issues that have been subject to guest complaints. The first is in regard to vehicular traffic in the vicinity of the hotels and its transmission into guestrooms. The second is the propagation of noise generated in bar and nightclub facilities which travels to guestrooms directly above and several floors away.

Our first step was to travel to each location and conduct surveys to become better acquainted with the surroundings and specific issues at each hotel. During these surveys we took noise level readings in a number of locations including the areas that were the cause of the noise problems, as well as the guest rooms where most of the complaints were coming from.

We are currently reviewing our findings with the Client and the Architect and will make recommendations on how to resolve these issues.


Client: The Park Hotels
Project Type: Noise Mitigation & Renovations
Location: Various locations, India