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With student enrollment on the rise, the Morrisville State College, Norwich Campus decided to find a permanent facility in which they could hold classes. The cost associated with renovating existing sites was high, and therefore decided to construct a new building that would meet all of the proper code requirements while serving their growing student population.

The new academic building on the Norwich Campus includes lecture halls, laboratories, offices, and library space. The building is designed to accommodate 1,000 non-residential students with the potential for an addition toward the southwest part of campus, should enrollment continue to increase.

The new building, which utilizes air-cooled chillers, general and fume hood exhaust fans, and an emergency generator, is located adjacent to and across the street from numerous residences, churches, and businesses. We performed projections of mechanical equipment noise into nearby residential properties and the impact on ambient neighborhood noise levels was assessed. Noise reduction recommendations including a gas powered generator with a gas muffler, duct silencers, a solid screen wall constructed around the air-cooled condensers, and fume hood exhausts were provided in order to reduce noise impact to nearby properties.


Client: QPK Design
Project Type: New Construction
Cost: $7,000,000
Size: 36,600 sf
Location: Norwich, NY

  • Accommodates 1,000 non-residential students with future ability to expand capacity
  • Noise projections and recommendations reduced impact to nearby residential properties