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The Science City at Union Station Project included the renovation and restoration of this historic location back to its former grandeur, and installation of a lavish 285,000-square-foot science museum and planetarium. Cerami & Associates provided architectural acoustical engineering and mechanical systems noise and vibration control design, as well as audiovisual design consulting.

Within the city of working science exhibits, the museum includes three theaters and a planetarium. However, one of the main issues is the effect of train noise and vibration on the installation and operation of the IWERKS large format theater. In addition to reserving space for an Amtrak station off the Grand Hall, the station serves as a hub for cars, taxis and buses and, potentially, light rail in the future. While working toward solving current acoustic and vibration problems, Cerami also reviewed the acoustical and vibration demands future installations may have on the station.

One of Cerami’s primary responsibilities for audiovisual consulting was the design of the necessary public address system in the voluminous Grand Hall and Waiting Room. Despite restoration guidelines that limit the acoustic treatments and locations for loudspeakers that could be applied to these reverberant spaces, Cerami’s acoustical and audiovisual consultants worked together to create a system that is intelligible throughout the historic building.


Client: EE+K Architects
Project Type: Renovation & Restoration
Size: 285,000 sf
Location: Kansas City, MO