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Cerami & Associates provided acoustical and audiovisual design consultancy on the renovation of Rutgers University’s Wright Hall Auditorium. The space, which is used primarily for lectures, needed to be equipped for distance learning and other video-enabled applications and thus required specialized acoustical treatments and state-of-the-art audiovisual technology.

After a review of the auditorium’s existing configuration and surface finishes, Cerami’s team of acoustical consultants specified several treatments that would enhance the space’s acoustics and create the optimum amount of reverberation. Included in these applications was the addition of fiberglass panels for the side and back walls. These panels would absorb sound while also adding to the aesthetic of the room. Cerami’s extensive site surveys revealed that the ceiling did not require any treatment.

Our audiovisual consultants worked closely with their acoustic counterparts to determine the most effective audiovisual design. In addition to detailing acoustic specifications, Cerami’s audiovisual consultants chose specific camera locations and detailed a new projector. New voice reinforcement and audio conferencing loudspeakers were installed, along with aisle microphones. In order to accommodate the installation of videoconferencing equipment, Cerami’s consultants specified the installation of an infrastructure for video and audio routing with touch screen controls.

Client: Bower Lewis Thrower
Project Type: Renovation
Location: New Brunswick, NJ

  • Equipped the space with specialized acoustical treatments and state-of-the-art AV technology for distance learning
  • Specified fiberglass panels for side and back walls of auditorium to blend function and aesthetics