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The Palladium is one of NYU’s housing facilities, boasting a sophisticated sports facility with an Olympic-size swimming pool, a health club, basketball court, dance room, climbing wall, and aerobics room. In addition, this residence hall features a laundry facility, dining room, music practice rooms, a multi-purpose conference room, and TV rooms.

Cerami’s team of acoustical engineers was faced with the challenge of providing acoustic separation between these various spaces and the residential units. As the main priority in the building of the Palladium was to provide top of the line student housing, it was important that the students would be able to study in a quiet, acoustically sound environment.

Because the laundry and music practice rooms were directly adjacent to the students’ rooms, acoustical treatment for these two areas were our top priority. Recommendations were made for floating floors and isolated walls to be placed in the laundry facility and in the music practice rooms. The doors of the practice rooms were also fitted with acoustical gaskets and drop seals.

In the dining room, the architect had designed a wood floor and ceiling. Cerami’s team designed a wood slate absorptive system to be installed to decrease reverberation time. The natatorium and basketball courts were fitted with pyrock treatments, while treated rubberized floors were installed in the aerobics room.

Client: Kevin Roche John Dinkeloo Associates
Project Type: New Construction
Size: 945 Beds, 65,000 sf Athletic Center
Location: New York, NY

  • Provided acoustical separation between sophisticated sports facilities and residential units
  • Designed a special wood slate absorptive system to decrease reverberation time in the dining room