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NYU’s Department of Speech Pathology includes 10 clinical rooms, a 15-station evaluation room, lab instruction spaces, and conference rooms. Our team design systems for both live and remote observation in the clinical and observation spaces.

Each room was out-fit with video cameras and microphones for immediate communication between the observation room and interviewer and the facility’s infrastructure was designed so AV signals could be routed to monitoring, conference, or lab instruction spaces. Most importantly, we ensured that our design was user friendly so that the AV systems are not a distraction.

Much of the space has an intense level of acoustic sensitivity, particularly in the clinic rooms and audiology booth. The rooms must have a very low level of background noise, which significantly increases noise reduction expectation of walls and doors to mitigate potential intrusion to a low noise floor area.

Speech privacy in Clinic Rooms is critical, both for confidentiality purposes and the reduction of distraction to patients. We observed and measured clearly audible subway passes as well as audible footfall noise on the floor above and recommended specialty acoustical doors, robust demising partitions, and isolated noise barrier ceilings to provide an extremely high level of speech privacy – a particular challenge when the measured noise level was less than NC-20.


Client: Gensler
Project Type: Interior Renovation
Size: 9,000 sf
Location: New York, NY

  • Incorporated AV systems that allow for recording and archiving of patient sessions to track progress and be used as a teaching tool for students
  • The building’s location above the subway raised concerns, however by conducting a site survey at the early stages of design, we were able to identify locations for more sensitive spaces that would avoid the need for complex isolation measures.