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New York Hospital’s major modernization project included the addition of many noise and vibration sensitive spaces, such as operating rooms, surgical microscopes (floor and ceiling mounted), bench-top microscopes, and surgical lasers. The hospital was constructed on a platform suspended over the FDR Drive, a major thoroughfares, so a critical aspect of the project design was the identification of acoustical controls for noise and impact generated by significant levels of vehicular traffic.

Cerami’s first task was to undertake noise and vibration level measurements at the site and at the Hospital for Special Surgery, an existing, similarly constructed building. The hospital was designed to have two levels of parking at the base within a massive truss supporting the building itself. Our analysis deemed the truss sufficient in mass to effectively reduce vertical transmission of vibration impact energy to levels within the criteria established for the scheduled equipment.

As a result of our site work and analysis, it was decided that no elaborate isolation methods were needed at either the building support level or at the individual operating rooms. We did, however, make specifications for an isolated room to be provided on an upper floor to contain the emergency generator. It should be noted that this hospital was ambulatory care in nature, and not a research facility where lab requirements would have been stricter.


Client: HOK
Project Type: Renovation
Location: New York, NY