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In 2003, New York Presbyterian Hospital set aggressive goals for energy conservation and sustainability. Part of their strategy included the installation of a new 7.5 megawatt gas combustion turbine cogeneration plant, the first of its kind to be built in Manhattan.

Cerami was hired to provide mitigation of noise from the new plant to adjacent buildings, especially neighboring residential properties, and to ensure that the levels were within New York City noise codes.

We began by measuring the existing ambient noise levels at the proposed location to establish baseline criteria, then began review of the proposed mechanical systems. We then worked closely with the turbine manufacturer to incorporate project specific acoustical treatments into their system.

Our recommendations included the inclusion of a barrier wall along the north and east sides of the roof, double walled panels for the compressor enclosure, inlet silencers for the ventilation fans, and door types so that noise from within would not be in violation of noise codes at the residential buildings located across the street from the new plant.


Client: NY Presbyterian Hospital
Project Type: Cogeneration Addition
Cost: $20,000,000
Size: 400,000 sf
Location: New York, NY

  • The first gas combustion turbine cogeneration plant to be built in Manhattan
  • Coordinated with the turbine manufacturer to incorporate acoustical treatments within the system
  • Designed barrier walls and other mitigation solutions to meet NYC noise code