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For the major consolidation of all of NASA’s headquarters operations, the development of television production, press briefing, teleconferencing, and signal distribution facilities were critical to the project’s success. The television facilities include state-of-the-art studio and post-production equipment. Updated audio recording and editing systems handle both radio broadcast demands and support the television production facility. The redesign of NASA’s video archives provides both access and state-of-the-art tape duplication equipment.

An auditorium, fully equipped with television and data projection equipment, serves a dual role as a press briefing facility. This includes accommodation of live microwave and satellite feeds to news vans and the recording of NASA-provided signals to video and data locations worldwide. In addition, the staging needs of the media, including specialized lighting, sets, and projection systems to coordinate live signal feed with taped information are logically located. Finally, internal teleconferencing facilities integrate NASA’s satellite system with the internal system to provide executive briefings and announcements.


Client: HOK
Project Type: Renovation
Location: Washington, DC