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In planning for future growth, Morgan Stanley was seeking to consolidate the number of office locations and expand within their existing NY Metro spaces. As part of the expansion project, they undertook a master planning effort to assess needs for expanded core & shell elements including emergency power and other critical utilities, as well as improvements for existing spaces and fit-out of new spaces which include General Office Floors, Trading Floors, Executive Spaces, and Amenities including Dining, Auditorium, & Fitness Center.

As part of our services, we conducted due-diligence studies which included site surveys to assess the existing locations and equipment used in current office facilities to establish a benchmark and gain an understanding of the requirements from their different user groups to create a fully integrated solution with intuitive controls and complimentary platforms for ease of life-cycle monitoring and maintenance.

The Cerami Master Plan report including design recommendations for the audiovisual and broadcast fit-out for 14 floors which include a new Master Control Room, new office and trading floors as well as a state of the art multi floor conference center. We outlined acoustical criteria for all spaces outfit with AV systems, demountable partitions to ensure privacy between offices, and ambient noise levels for the trading areas to minimize distraction.

Client: Skidmore Owings & Merrill
Project Type: Master Plan
Size: 2,800,000 sf
Location: New York, NY

  • Conducted due-dillegence studies to assess existing conditions and gain an understanding of requirements from internal user groups
  • Worked closely with Morgan Stanley and the design team to establish standards for AV systems including equipment types
  • Established criteria for all interior spaces including ambient noise levels in open areas and demountable partitions for privacy between offices