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Macquarie Group Limited recently underwent a two-phase expansion of its New York Headquarters on 5 full floors and 1 partial.

MGL had previously identified strict and well-defined acoustical standards for all office locations, posing a challenge for this glass construction with open plan design. To ensure compliance with the speech privacy standards, we designed a sound masking system and helped to redevelop standards for background noise levels to work in the new space. A custom glass partition and door construction was designed to provide maximum speech privacy for all private offices and meeting rooms. The acoustical solutions provided flexibility and provisions for future expansion without changing equipment.

The AV design included conference rooms of varying sizes including two large videoconferencing rooms with displays and table microphones, one medium presentation room with flat panel display and three with projection capabilities, and two small videoconferencing rooms using an all-in-one unit and display. Flat panel displays were selected for the open areas surrounding the trading and pantry areas.

For the trading desks, we designed an audio connection for the new IP turret system, whereby traders listen to the TVs on their turret system with the press of a button. The audio is sent over the network to MGL’s Data Center in New Jersey, where it is tied into the firm-wide IP-Turret system. This has worked so well that MGL has made this the standard process for future IP-Turret system upgrades.


Client: STUDIOS Architecture
Project Type: Renovation
Size: 155,000 sf
Location: New York, NY

  • Worked with MGL to redevelop their background noise level standards to fit the design of the new space
  • Designed an audio connection for the new IP turret system which has become the standard for future IP-Turret system upgrades firm-wide.