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Babylon Yard
The location of the train storage facility in Babylon Yard was originally built in a mostly desolate area. Over the years nearby residential communities expanded eventually resulting in noise complaints by homeowners. Cerami worked with the LIRR to help mitigate train noise impact on the residential areas. First we conducted a survey to measure the existing noise levels and assessed their impact, then provided guidelines for the design of sound barriers that effectively reduced the noises to an acceptable level for the residences.

Jamaica Center
Cerami worked with Sverdrup on the upgrade the existing train control center to enable better communication between field personnel and controllers. The project posed a number of challenges as part of the control room had to remain fully operational throughout construction. Another challenge was that the call center utilized an open plan, making privacy difficult. We worked with the team on a new layout including suitable heights and construction of partitions, as well as finishes for the floor, walls, and ceiling for maximum acoustical success.

Hillside Access Maintenance Facility
Cerami measured existing rail yard conditions in reference to the surrounding neighborhood in a study for the LIRR’s desire to expand the location. Using measurements at different tracks, the future train conditions were estimated and modeled to project the new levels from the increase in rail traffic, which were then compared with the Department of Transportation’s impact assessment guidelines. Based on the results, a barrier system was designed to bring the noise to recommended levels at the nearby residences.


Client: STV Incorporated, Sverdrup & Associates
Project Type: Environmental Noise Mitigation