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Cerami & Associates worked closely with STV Incorporated on the design and construction of JFK Airport’s new AirTrain, an eight mile system which links the terminals, parking lots, and public transportation stations. Our work included extensive environmental noise control and station acoustics.

During construction, the goal was to minimize the impact of the construction equipment noise on the community. We established maximum noise levels for the equipment and designed barrier walls to minimize the transmission of noise and vibration to the adjacent properties.

In the terminal buildings, our acoustical design focused on three main areas: the finishes used within the platform, the noise levels of the mechanical and electrical systems serving the connector and mezzanine, and the noise from the trains. In specifying the finishes for the platform, connector and mezzanine areas, the design goal was to ensure that the announcements would be clear.

For the mechanical and electrical systems, we specified the locations of the equipment and designed additional enclosures to control noise and vibration. With regard to trains, noise measures were taken to meet the specified noise and vibration standards of the Federal government, the State of New York, the City of New York, the Port Authority, and the APTA and the FTA. These mitigative measures used include guideway sound control barriers, resilient track mountings, a floating track bed within the IAT, resilient isolation for HVAC equipment, and sound attenuation for the ducts and equipment.



Client: STV Incorporated
Project Type: New Construction
Cost: $1,900,000,000
Location: Queens, NY

  • Minimized impact of construction noise to the community
  • Designed enclosures for mechanical and electrical systems to mitigate noise transmission
  • Ensured that the noise and vibrations standards met those of multiple local, state, and federal agencies