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Cerami & Associates was commissioned to provide acoustical consultancy for Phases 1 and 2 of Jacobi Medical Center’s renovation, and IT consultancy for Phase 2. For Phase 1, the acoustical work completed by the team of engineers ranged from patients’ rooms to mechanical and fan rooms, achieving the maximum amount of noise and vibration control while creating a comfortable and aesthetic space for the individuals who work and receive care at the hospital.

A key part of Phase 1 was the addition of extra chillers, pumps and air-handling units. Cerami’s team understood that a great deal of structure-borne noise and vibration would be generated from these additional pieces of mechanical equipment, and thus, made specifications for the installation acoustical treatments, such as stable steel springs, acoustical lining, duct silencers for the fans, and a new design for the ductwork layout. Similarly, acoustical applications for the walls separating patients’ rooms were detailed by Cerami to ensure the maximum amount of privacy.

The goal of the Phase 2 modernizations was to help the hospital continue to successfully serve the Bronx community with high-quality, cost-effective health care. The IT modernizations included the design, specification and implementation management of infrastructure such as Telco Services entry design and career coordination, main and satellite equipment rooms and cabinet layout. Voice and data backbone pathways, conduits and cable trays were specified throughout the large medical facility as well.


Client: Pei Cobb Freed, daSILVA Architects
Project Type: Renovation
Location: Bronx, NY

  • Reviewed wall construction to maximize patient room privacy
  • Updated technology infrastructure throughout
  • Specified acoustical treatments to prevent structure-borne noise and vibration from mechanical systems