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The fit-out of the building involved typical acoustical considerations for office buildings such as speech privacy and sound isolation for Workstations, Executive offices, and Conference areas. We also provided services for the three-story Atrium, Cafeteria, Fitness Center, and Auditorium.

Our audiovisual and acoustical teams worked closely on the auditorium which has been designed to fully support audio and video presentations. The features of this auditorium include video projection, program sound, and speech reinforcement. On the podium level floors, we conducted a feasibility study to explore the use of built-in sound systems vs. portable sound systems for presentations made in the large atrium. We conducted site line studies, a programming report, and budget projections in order to make a recommendation to the client regarding the use of portable or dedicated systems for this space.


Client: Foster & Partners, Adamson Associates, Gensler
Project Type: Renovation and Addition
Size: 856,000 sf
Location: New York, NY