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The Moultrie Courthouse was slated for renovation in order to consolidate all of the Family Court functions into one facility. Our phase of the project included renovating several existing courtrooms into a new “family friendly” design. The design concept was to establish a separate identity and entry into the new Family Courts Facility.

One of the most important facets in courtroom acoustics is speech clarity. Speech must be clear between the judge and all the participants, while keeping unwanted sound reflections at a minimum. In order to do this, Cerami provided an audiovisual infrastructure that provided service to three courtrooms and three hearing rooms, which included adding microphones and sound reinforcement to each area.

Another important element in courtroom acoustics is privacy. Courts must be free from intrusive noise from activities outside the courtroom. We achieved sound separation between the court and jury rooms by specifying STC rated doors, which would keep conversation private. Additionally, we reviewed the proposed finishes for the courtroom to ensure that the reverberation times were within the Courts Design Guide recommendations.

It is equally as important to maintain privacy within the courtroom. To accomplish this, we created a masking or “husher” system for sidebar conversations, which entailed the use of white noise in order to privatize conversation. We also reviewed mechanical equipment locations and selection to ensure that noise and vibration from equipment would not be heard or felt in either the courtrooms or jury rooms.


Client: Oudens + Knoop Architects
Project Type: Renovation
Location: Washington, DC