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The Dahesh Museum of Art project involved the transformation of a corporate conference center into a museum. Our work included audiovisual design for the lobby/retail space, galleries, conference rooms, and auditorium.

The lobby/retail space was designed to welcome, with audiovisual elements including ceiling loudspeakers for reproducing background music and other audio programs from the building’s distribution system, and two wall mounted LCD screens for announcements. The Café is designed to be the main gathering area for receptions and lectures, so we specified a comprehensive audio system for this area.

In the open gallery, we designed a series of ceiling speakers to provide background music, and audio distribution capability so the gallery can be included in “facility-wide” audio program distribution. In the auditorium, the AV fit-out includes the capability for projection of video and computer-generated information. Two Xenon-lamp slide projectors provide side-by-side slide image projection and the space also has the capabilities for sound reproduction and voice reinforcement as well as an assistive listening system.

In the conference rooms, we designed multimedia presentation systems that utilized a ceiling-mounted video/data projector, and recessed projection screens and loudspeakers. These rooms were also equipped the with infrastructure to later incorporate video conferencing systems.


Client: Hardy Holzman Pfeiffer Associates
Project Type: Renovation
Size: 30,000 sf
Location: New York, NY