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Cerami & Associates designed audiovisual systems for Uris Hall, home of the Columbia University Graduate School of Business, in the lobby and in several classrooms. As this building was a three phase renovation, Cerami & Associates had the benefit of working with the architect and the client at the onset of the project to integrate state-of-the-art audiovisual devices into the building.

Cerami’s audiovisual consultants enhanced each classroom by integrating “SMART” technology into the teachers’ lecterns and surrounding class structure, which included annotation hardware and software. This technology allows teachers to perform simple automated tasks, such as activating an image with audio reinforcement, at the touch of a single button. All classrooms are virtually linked together via monitoring software to keep maintenance costs low and provide easy scheduling of the rooms.

In the lobby, an interactive kiosk was placed in a central location so that students could use it to obtain such information as class schedules. Multiple information displays were strategically placed around the lobby, updating students on current events and school news bulletins from a campus-wide facilities network.

Our team worked very closely with the architect to be sure that the systems being implemented worked with the dimensions of the building design, and that they were working towards the mutual goal of user-friendly, seamless integration.

Client: Belmont Freeman Architects
Project Type: Renovation
Size: 199,100 sf
Location: New York, NY

  • Integrated “SMART” technology into lecterns and class structure
  • Linked all classrooms virtually using monitoring software
  • Placed interactive kiosk in lobby for up-to-date and easy access of class schedules and information