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In an effort to improve pedestrian access and unite the communities that surround this section of the BQE, the NYC EDC is working with the DOT and local community groups to study conceptual design options. Cerami is working with the design team to provide options for noise reduction that work within the various concepts.

We began the process by surveying the site with the design team to gain an understanding of the current conditions and specific community concerns. Then we conducted a 24-hour noise test to monitor noise level changes from location to location throughout the neighborhood. Using this data, we were able to create a noise contour map to set baseline acoustical criteria.

Working with the design team, we reviewed various strategies and products available that would work within the landscape and provide noise mitigation. Some of the design options including vertical and cantilevered barrier walls, the use of rubberized asphalt, or the use of a partial canopy.

The ideas were presented to the community at the first of three community meetings and then based on that feedback, tweaked into three different design schemes. At that point we then fully analyzed and optimized the design for each of the three design schemes to calculate the expected attenuation of BQE noise. Starr Whitehouse then used that info to finalize their designs for the final presentation to the community.


Client: Starr Whitehouse Landscape Architects and Planners with Kiss+Cathart Architects
Project Type: Environmental Noise Mitigation
Location: Brooklyn, NY

  • Surveyed noise levels over 24 hours and mapped changes throughout the neighborhood
  • Advised design team on strategies and products available to control noise from the BQE
  • Provided full analysis for final three design schemes to calculate the expected attenuation of the BQE noise