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Cerami & Associates was commissioned by the museum’s team and JB&B engineers for the large-scale renovations at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, whose goal was to become, “the most visitor-friendly of any New York art museum,” and new civic space for Brooklyn and the rest of the New York-metro area that is welcoming, exciting, and rewarding visitor experience.

Preserving the 1920s architecture of the space posed an acoustical challenge. The options for creating a solution that would remove echoes and reinforce the sound system were limited. The ceiling caused the greatest source of the echoes. We aimed to stop the problem at its source by installing ceiling panels mitigating the echo problem, allowing the exhibit narratives easier to hear for visitors in the gallery space. Cerami was able to solve the problem without changing the finishes on the ceiling or changing the architectural structure of the room.

Cerami designed a loudspeaker arrangement providing clearer, better intelligible sound for the museum visitors. Our acoustical and audiovisual teams worked together to design the layout of ambulatory speakers to reinforce the sound by installing a wireless antenna system attached to all of the speakers providing the ability to coordinate the entire sound system from a central remote control system.

Client: Jaros, Baum & Bolles
Project Type: Renovation
Location: Brooklyn, NY