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The master plan for Brooklyn Bridge Park intends to replace the existing under-utilized vacant piers and warehouses along the East River near the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges. The park will contain a large variety of built and landscape elements, including sports facilities and outdoor pathways. Acoustically, the greatest challenge for the park is traffic-noise from the Brooklyn Bridge and the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. Noise control is required to create the sense of oasis within an urban context.

Cerami & Associates has measured existing noise levels between the two bridges and along the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway to develop a noise level contour map for the site. Additional information was added from traffic noise data provided by the Federal Highway Administration to create a computer model to predict the sound levels along the waterfront.

The noise levels were incorporated in a 3D model using CadnaA software, as shown in the image above. Proposed landscape and architectural elements were added to the model to compare the impact on noise levels at the site. A series of sound barrier earth berms and sound attenuator walls will control noise levels transmitted to the park while minimizing any increase in those transmitted to the adjacent neighborhood.

As the design progresses, Cerami continues to work closely with the design team to ensure the vision set forth for the park can be achieved.



Client: Michael Van Valkenburgh Landscape Architects
Project Type: Environmental Noise Mitigation
Location: Brooklyn, NY

  • Developed a noise level contour map for site between Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, and along the BQE.
  • Incorporated noise level in a 3D model with proposed landscape and architectural elements to compare impact on the site