Government / Projects

The Bergen County Administration Building plays a crucial civic role. This government building contains the main offices through which the County interacts with its citizens, including the tax department, the land-use planning office, the Freeholder public meeting room, and a private work session room. To foster a more efficient, collaborative working environment, Bergen County hired RMJM and Cerami to help convert their facility into an open-plan office environment, and install audiovisual systems into both the Freeholders meeting room and private work session room.

The Administration Building, which changed to an open-plan environment, created acoustical issues in terms of speech privacy and reverberation– a critical issue for both the government administrators and citizens that frequent the building. Sounds used to echo throughout the facility, making private matters easily overheard, and open conversations would become a distraction to those working as well. Cerami’s solution was to provide sound masking to the Freeholders Assembly and Private workrooms in order to maintain privacy and ensure proper interior acoustics.

State of the art audiovisual systems and teleconferencing capabilities were also provided for the Freeholders meeting room and the private work session room. The new seat of county government was provided with a top flight Conference and Training Center that addressed the critical audiovisual design issues of ease of presentation and operation for the equipment in these spaces.

Client: RMJM (Hillier), DMR Architects
Project Type: New Construction
Size: 256,000 sf
Location: Hackensack, NJ