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Cerami & Associates recently completed extensive acoustical design for the interior fit-out of Bank of America’s new office tower.

The private offices surrounding the trading floor have glass fronts, making privacy a concern. We specified a perforated metal ceiling, drywall office partitions, door treatments, and a tempered glass for the office fronts to ensure the desired levels of privacy. We also designed a unique sound masking system to be concealed above the ceiling plenum and collaborated with our firm’s audiovisual team to incorporate a public address system.

A significant challenge for the interior acoustics of the Telepresence room was that the HVAC system’s fan-powered terminal was located directly above. We also specified that all conference rooms be provided with partition constructions for privacy.

We made a series of specifications, including double-layer drywall, sound attenuation blankets, highly absorptive interior finishes, and gasketed entry doors to ensure that the noise from the auditorium doesn’t invade the adjacent broadcast studio.

Client: Gensler
Project Type: New Construction
Cost: $650,000,000
Size: 1,700,000 sf
Location: New York, NY

  • Designed unique sound masking system to be concealed above the ceiling plenum
  • Made stringent specifications to ensure no noise transmission from the auditorium to the broadcast studio
  • Mitigated HVAC noise within Telepresence room and selected treatments to provide optimal interior noise levels