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330 Jay Street was designed to become an integral part of Brooklyn’s Metrotech Center complex and play both a civic and economic role in the downtown community. For this project, Cerami worked closely with the project team to design the state-of-the-art facility that includes the New York State Supreme Court, the Kings County Family Court, and some corporate office facilities.

The courtrooms have full multimedia presentation capabilities with large projection screens and permanently installed sound systems. Remote testimonies can be conducted through IP-based video conferencing under the H.323 standard and the cabling infrastructure allows easy reconfiguration of the rooms. A building-wide RF distribution system provides cable TV access, and the waiting rooms have also been designed with audiovisual display systems. The Supreme Court boardroom accommodates full multimedia presentation capabilities, as press feeds allow connection to outside broadcasting crews for further distribution of courthouse signals and announcements. To ensure speech clarity for the audiovisual systems and the people inside, each courtroom was designed to have its own sound reinforcement system.

The lobby features an information kiosk to provide educational content and to guide visitors, as well as a two-zone paging infrastructure. Multiple loudspeaker output zones from the system provide support for designated paging on each floor of the building, as well as allowing for effective communication throughout the facility.

Client: Perkins Eastman
Project Type: New Construction
Size: 1,125,000 sf
Location: Brooklyn, NY