Hospitality / Projects

Cerami & Associates provided acoustic and audiovisual consulting services for the new 344,000-square-foot Hampton Roads Convention Center. The 91,000-square-foot exhibition hall, pre-function areas, and junior ballroom were designed with monaural ceiling speakers for speech reinforcement and background music. Each space was assigned a zone and treated as an individual presentation space with separate local audio/video controls that allows for maximum flexibility for each space.

For the acoustical design, we ensured that the rooms would provide an adequate level of privacy in any configuration, and that reverberation time is controlled in the space no matter the program or criteria. We also focused on equipment selection, location of the mechanical systems throughout, and the layout of the ductwork in our review, and recommended noise and control solutions to the engineering team during design phases.

For the divisible meeting rooms, we specified ceiling speakers for speech reinforcement and background music. Recessed wall touch panels provide local control of ceiling speaker volume, microphone input select, line level select, and background music. The program also called for a high-end boardroom for more formal meetings and presentations. The boardroom utilizes a ceiling-mounted video/data projector that emits sound that is contained within the plenum mount housing. A drop down mirror the size of a 2’ x 2’ ceiling tile is the only part of the component that enters the room, and reflects the projected image onto a wall mounted lower/raise projection screen.

Client: HOK
Project Type: New Construction
Size: 344,000 sf
Location: Hampton, VA

  • Partition selection and room finishes allow for privacy and separation in any configuration
  • Exhibit Hall and Pre-Function areas are equipped with individual presentation systems with local controls that can be combined to provide flexibility
  • Conference and presentation systems were selected for conference center spaces which include a high-end Boardroom